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Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 4

Monday was a productive and emotional last day on our worksites. It has been wonderful to see the houses become homes over the past week or so. The team working on Efata’s site spent the day carrying water and rocks to the site for the fundis, learning new Swahili phrases and even being proposed to! On James’ site, the volunteers supported the fundis as they dug a large hole in the garden to provide soil to complete the floor foundations, enabling the fundis to begin pouring cement for a sturdy finish. Early on Tuesday morning, the T20 team set off on safari! We arrived at Tarangire National Park mid-morning and, within…

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Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 3

Our Robertson Trust #TanzaniaTwenty team has had a very productive couple of days, with plenty of rewarding moments. In light of the challenges faced in building Efata's new house, the full T20 team came together for one day to support the fundis (local builders) in the construction of the family's home. It was wonderful to share time together as a full expedition group on the worksite and, through strong team work in collecting water, passing bricks along the (very long) volunteer chain, and even  attempting to cement bricks, a huge leap in progress was made. Efata lives with her husband, supporting 5 young children - aged 3 to 15, with 12 year old twins, Noela…

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Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 2

We often hear stories of families in Africa walking miles each day to collect water, but sometimes this can feel like a distant problem to those of us living in the UK. Yesterday, for our team of Robertson Trust volunteers working on the site of Efata’s new home, this familiar story became a reality.  When mixing the cement for the building's secure foundations, many litres of water are required to create the appropriate consistency. The closest water source was a 30 minute walk away, through sunflower and maize plantations, over dry river beds, and up a steep hill via a twisty, red dirt track. The team spent most of the…

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Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 1

Jambo! The first few days of our Robertson Trust Tanzania Twenty (T20) Home-Building Expedition in Tanzania have been very busy and lots of fun! On Sunday, we visited Moshi Christian Children's Centre, where we were greeted by some beautiful singing and dancing, and enjoyed playing games with the children. Monday was our first day on the home-building worksites. We divided into two teams, with half of the group travelling to the site of James Chonjo and his brother Fabian's new home, while the others broke ground on a new house for Efata and her family. We also visited our local partners, Tanzania Women Research Foundation…

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Rabisante’s New Home Brings Hope

In March 2016, a team of Vine Trust volunteers travelled to Tanzania to support our partners, TAWREF, in the construction of a home for a widow, Rabisante. Rabisante lived with her eight children in a small mud and wooden house, with only two beds for the whole family to share. Rabisante supported her children by fetching water and washing clothes for local families, as well as working in the plantations. As a single mother, life was tough as she struggled to provide for her children each day. Since moving into their new home, the knowledge that they have a secure and…

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The Kirk of Calder’s Epic Fundraising!

In just over two years, the Kirk of Calder, in the small West Lothian village of Mid Calder, has raised over £76,000 towards the construction of a children's home in Tanzania! Launched in September 2014, the Kirk of Calder’s project will support Vine Trust’s charitable work in Tanzania, and specifically the construction of a large children's home in the Kilimanjaro region. With the support of neighbouring churches and the local community, the Kirk of Calder is racing towards its fundraising target of £85,000 by the autumn of 2017! The local community have organised events and undertaken a variety of fundraising…

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