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Amazon Hope Mar B Team Blog

1/4/2019   21/3/2019 Back in Iquitos. End of trip celebration meal and buying some presents for family. This has been the experience of a lifetime.   14/3/19 Busy morning here at Characama village. Ros is moving in between triage and assisting the doctors in their clinic today. She enjoys interacting with the patients as they arrive on the boat and says she has finally found some people who really understand her slapstick sense of humour, which transcends language barriers! The Peruvian doctor starts the day by giving a talk to assembled local people about the parasites which are present in the…

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Emily’s Forth Hope Visit

The last time I saw Forth Hope, she was departing Rosyth for her epic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a truly special moment when I caught my first glimpse of her on the Puinahua river as we approached after 3 hours in the speedboat. The contrast of this modern vessel and the surrounding area she serves is striking; she is unique, unlike anything else we saw on the river. Upon boarding you soon realise there is even more to her than meets the eye. The ingenious design of the interiors helps her feel as though she is a…

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Julia’s Lake Victoria Visit

(By Dr Julia McLean) I have just returned after working for 2 weeks on Jubilee Hope on Lake Victoria in Tanzania which was an amazing and very rewarding experience. There were 3 doctors (including a very experienced Vine Trust volunteer) and a pharmacist from Scotland and as soon as we arrived we were made to feel very welcome on the boat. Before commencing work, we were given a tour of the boat and an introduction to tropical medicine by Dr Simeon, the national doctor, which proved to be indispensable. On the boat, we consulted upstairs under a canopy. We saw…

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Jubilee’s Joy for First Baby Girl - Claire’s Story

Like me, you may have worked on board Amazon Hope in Peru and then booked on to Jubilee Hope, Tanzania, with a sense of curiosity about how the programme could work in a different country and culture. I was setting out with a friend who had been with me to Amazon Hope twice before, and 2 others who were completely new to Vine Trust. We had been informed that it would be different to, and much busier than, Amazon Hope. The staff gave us a really good introduction on our first evening on board, although we were all a bit…

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It’s Life-Changing, Changing Lives - Ronald’s Jubilee Journey

Ronald Kebaso is one of the key healthworkers in Vine Trust's Jubilee Hope Medical Programme. Here, Ronald talks to the team about his time with Vine Trust, and the importance of the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme to the vulnerable communities on the islands and shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. “Prior to joining the Jubilee Hope Programme, I worked as a nursing officer in different health facilities in Nairobi, Kenya. They included health centres and referral hospitals from 1998 to 2008. I moved to Tanzania in 2008 to work with AICT, the national partner in Tanzania for the Jubilee Hope Programme. I mainly…

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