Best Wishes for 2021 Published: 12 Jan 2021

Please see the following update from Willie McPherson: 


p.s. Elena and Ronald remain in Peru !

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Merry Christmas from Kazunzu Published: 26 Dec 2020

Please enjoy the following videos as the families at Kazunzu Village of Hope wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 



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MV Forth Hope Amazon COVID Crowd Funding Appeal                                                                 Published: 17 Dec 2020

16th December 2020


Earlier this evening I was delighted to not only receive the total funds pledged on our Crowd Funding Appeal Page, but to add up the total of off line giving here in the UK and finally to include the total of funds raised in Peru.

I am delighted to report that the total amounts to £51,500

(Watch the video and scan down for the…

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Indigenous Group’s Support for Amazon Hope Medical Programme Published: 11 Nov 2020

The MV Forth Hope has recently returned from another expedition, this time to communities along the Puinahua river. 

Dr Ronald Ramirez, the programme’s Head of Medical Services, has sent in a report where he highlights some of the medical needs which were most in demand during the expedition, as well as details of an important collaboration with a local indigenous groups and health facilities.

“Most of the communities in the…

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The Indirect Impact of Covid-19 on Communities   Published: 02 Nov 2020

The rapid increase in COVID-19 infections in many European countries has recently seen their respective governments respond with measures and controls not witnessed since the very early impacts of the virus back in the spring.  These decisions have often come with great reluctance, primarily due to an ever-increasing acknowledgement that these lockdown-type restrictions have multiple and complex indirect consequences on the population beyond the more obvious impacts on the economy. 

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Help us support Amazon Communities affected by Covid19 Published: 22 Oct 2020

Click the video below and hear Willie introduce this appeal: 

It has been over three years since our last crowd funding campaign which helped deliver the MV Forth Hope Medical ship to the Peruvian Amazon where it has proved to be an outstanding resource in serving the Peruvian Amazon and its tributary rivers. Unfortunately, as reported in the press, the Amazon City…

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Happy Families Published: 06 Oct 2020

Join me and have a wee peek into family life within cluster 1 at Kazunzu Village of Hope. Children who now have a home, a future and a family - Happy Families indeed! 


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Update from Kazunzu Published: 18 Sep 2020

Join Samuel Limbe as he gives an update on the Kazunzu and shows us round one of the family homes. Many thanks Sam. 

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Volunteering and UK Update Published: 02 Sep 2020

Please see the following update from Willie McPherson.  


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Elly visits one of the homes built in 2015 Published: 21 Aug 2020

Join Elly as he visits the home of Anton and Emma. The home was built in 2015 by Vine Trust volunteers. 

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Elly at home with Mama Valentina Published: 12 Aug 2020

Join Elly Kimaro as he visits the home of Mama Valentina. The home was built in 2017 by a workparty from Babcock. Enjoy

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Meet the first children to arrive at Kazunzu Published: 03 Aug 2020

It's a special day.  Watch this short video from Samuel as he introduces the first children to arrive at Kazunzu Village of Hope. 

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