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Babcock 2018 Building Expedition Blog

Saturday 3rd November Jambo from Moshi! The travelling day for the international Babcock team first started for the three Victoria-based employees, who had an internal Canadian flight to Calgary before a nine hour flight to Amsterdam to meet the rest of the team. The rest of the team from Ottawa and across the UK successfully got to Amsterdam on time, although not without some stress for the nine flying from Bristol - a missed connection looked certain after some technical issues with the aircraft, but we all made it safely! After slowly making it through Kilimanjaro airport, we received a…

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Highland Spring 2018 Building Expedition Blog

Friday 19th October The team arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport after an enjoyable flight, despite the early start. We practiced 'Jambo Bwana' as we made our way to Umoja Hostel. We enjoyed our first Tanzanian meal of chips, rice and stew before heading to bed for a much needed sleep.   Saturday 20th October On Saturday morning we started with a breakfast of pancakes and egg and then attended our in-country orientation with Louise & Ben to go over cultural points and our health & safety induction. After lunch we made our way to one of the two sites we'll be…

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October 2018 Building Expedition Team Blog

Monday 8th October After arriving at Umoja Hostel not too long before midnight, the volunteers awoke to their first day of their home-building expedition. After an orientation and safety briefing the team left for the TAWREF offices where we were treated to a very warm welcome by all the staff and volunteers at the TAWREF office. They kindly gave us a 'kilo of fire' as encouragement and strength in our work and a very interesting presentation about the work of TAWREF and their collaborations, including Vine Trust. After a couple of choice purchases from the TAWREF gift shop which supports…

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April 2018 Building Expedition Team Blog

The April General Home Building Expedition to Tanzania arrived safely last night (Sunday) in the dark, with all luggage except Fiona's.  'Enjoyed' a bumpy bus ride to Moshi, but lovely waking up to heat this morning (although no power at present). Heading off for breakfast - pancakes and eggs.  All is well, The April General Home-Building Team Sunday 1st April  We started the day with a late breakfast, despite most of us being awoken at 3am by the call to prayer. We spent a lovely afternoon at MCCC (Moshi Children's Christian Centre)  playing football, making loom bands and face painting. It was great to…

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Babcock Pilot Home-Building Expedition - Blog 4

As the Babcock team return to work and slowly adjust to the rather drastic change in temperature, our team members are able to begin to reflect on the incredible experience they lived together for two weeks in Tanzania. The last days in Moshi were a whirl-wind of early mornings, safari drives, rare animal sightings and emotional goodbyes. It started with a 6am departure towards Ngorongoro Crater. The team were taken aback by the spectacular views as we reached the top of the crater basin, made even more atmoshpheric by the sheet of rain that was quickly moving across the plain as…

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Babcock Pilot Home-Building Expedition - Blog 3

The team experienced some heavy rains towards the end of the week and through the weekend, which was an exciting and, at times, muddy experience! On Thursday, after some rain showers over night, the teams headed towards the worksites as usual. The small team who were working on Mama Esteria's site found themselves stuck in thick mud on the windy dirt track to the worksite. After some handy use of rocks and lots of pushing, we managed to get the van out and make it down to the worksite warmed up and ready to get to work.  The team spent…

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