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April General Expedition Blog 10

Day 13: Last day and time to say farewell to families at both Pofu and Uru.  Very emotional as you can imagine but lovely to see Mama Maria and her daughters Neema, Winifrida and even disabled daughter Rose sitting at their new house waiting for us.  They were delighted with our gifts from Scotland including a teatowel, shortbread and tablet as well as local staples - rice, sugar, flour and water.  It was a pleasure to hand over too blankets clothes and toiletries donated from home.  Mama Maria is so grateful to be getting a home where she will not…

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April General Expedition Blog 9

Day 12: Back to grandma Rose’s today and great progress made in the two days we have been away. We were astounded to see how much Rose’s maize had grown! Many trips to stream for water given there are just the four of us. First job was to throw the water over the walls to stop it drying out! Rest of day spent moving hundreds of bricks into the individual rooms. We will certainly have build up our muscles these two weeks! Rose delighted to see us as usual.  She was busy all day weeding her maize and bean crop.…

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April General Expedition Blog 8

Day 11: Team down to four for the next couple of days and back to Pofu to Mama Maria’s.  It was wonderful to see the progress that has been made in the few days since we have been. Martin Holt from Vine Trust joined us just fresh off the plane and showing no signs of jet lag enthusiastically joined the team moving stones and buckets of concrete.  By the time we left all floors were complete - a great achievement.  As always the children were happy to see us back and lovely to have them greet us with a perfect…

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April General Expedition Blog 7

Day 9: Another day at EvaMary’s site today. It had rained overnight and was still raining when we arrived so very muddy and slippy underfoot.  More moving of boulders and carrying water from stream.  Grandma Rose was particularly proud to show us her small crop of maize and beans and banana trees.  EvaMary was back at school after Easter break but Rose has been asked to pass on her thanks for the balloons and skipping rope we gave her. We left site early to pay a visit to the Ungaza Women’s Centre where 35 residents receive vocational training in agriculture…

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April General Expedition Blog 6

Day 7: First day on site two which is a much shorter drive from Moshi and in banana plantation.  We were welcomed off bus by Mama Rose who will get new home.  She is a tiny elderly lady raising her ten year old granddaughter EvaMary alone.  We were all moved to tears by her gratitude and humbled to be shown her current home.  Work on this site proved so much easier than the first as soil much softer.  After two hours the foundations were dug and boulders in place.  Eli joined us for the first time today so there was…

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April General Expedition Blog 5

Another productive day.  Great to arrive on site and see progress made.  First couple of hours spent carrying soil and finally seeing floor complete. No rest though as straight into preparing cement - we all know recipe for Tanzanian cement now - 24 buckets of sand, 24 buckets of gravel and two bags of cement together with endless buckets of water!  End of day saw foundations cemented and ready to move onto next stage.  Highlight of the morning was watching the monkeys in the trees above the river just below the site.  It is such a beautiful spot.  The children…

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