School Expeditions

School Expeditions

Are you a secondary school student or teacher looking for a challenge that will stretch and inspire you?

If you are keen to travel and change lives, become part of our unique and rewarding adventures.

Take learning beyond the classroom and spend 2 incredible weeks of fun in Tanzania, surrounded by fascinating history, natural beauty and incredible cultures, and supporting vulnerable communities living in poverty!

Begin your school’s Vine Trust adventure and help us to deliver significant and sustainable development to those who need it most.

Start your school's adventure today. Contact us to arrange a unique trip to Tanzania or Peru:

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What Is A School Expedition?

Vine Trust’s School Expeditions provide an exceptional opportunity for students to engage in sustainable international development while making incredible friendships and memories.

Support the construction of small family homes in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Through Vine Trust’s hands-on projects, in partnership with local organisations, we enable students to become active global citizens through enacting and empowering vulnerable communities, leading to significant change.

Start your school’s Vine Trust adventure, contact us.

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Make friends and memories which will last a lifetime.

Cultural Learning

In addition to volunteering on sustainable development projects, your school will also discover more about the culture, history and nature of Tanzania. Students will go on an organised safari, learning about the country’s amazing geography and biodiversity, hoping to catch sight of as many of the “Big 5” as possible!

Students on an expedition trip with local students

School Expeditions To Tanzania

Go on an African adventure to Tanzania and experience the vibrant life and colour this continent has to offer!

Vine Trust’s School Expeditions work in partnership with in-country organisations to build individual homes for families. These life-changing homes, built in the Kilimanjaro region, provide shelter, security and hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable families living in poverty.

You will visit previous built homes for children orphaned by HIV, AIDS, TB and other, often treatable diseases. The work you undertake during your visits will help to make a significant and lasting difference to these children’s futures.

What Skills Will Students Develop?

In addition to making a significant difference to vulnerable communities, School Expeditions are an invaluable way to enhance students’ personal skills while learning about other peoples and cultures. Our volunteering programme will encourage you to recognise the diverse challenges faced by communities across our world, and ask you to consider how the actions of individuals and communities affect others.

Students will:

  • become active global citizens
  • develop leadership skills, becoming confident and responsible citizens
  • actively engage with global issues and use teamwork to discuss solutions and improvements
  • make a practical difference to the lives of marginalised children and families
  • become ambassadors for change, representing those living in poverty
  • experience another culture, and learn from collaborating with local people
  • overcome cultural and language differences to support and complete projects
  • have fun and change lives while working together as part of a team

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a pupil, a teacher or a member of Senior Management, you can contact Vine Trust to discuss your school running a Vine Trust School Expedition. A lead link teacher from the school will work closely with the Vine Trust Expeditions Team to support the students during their volunteer journey. Teachers will accompany the students on expedition at the ratio stipulated by their local authority.  

The cost includes in-country transport, food, water, accommodation, entry to visitor attractions and support from UK-based and in-country Vine Trust Staff. The cost also includes a contribution towards building materials 

International flights will be booked by Vine Trust and you will be informed of the cost at the time of booking. Vine Trust is able to access discounted flights for group or charitable rates directly with the airline and through our travel agencies. We are able to arrange flights from any major airport, and we always seek to find the appropriate balance between price and convenience.

Not included in the cost are any immunisations or anti-malarial tablets required and for Tanzania expeditions or visa entry (currently $50 USD payable on arrival at the airport).

Yes. We understand that you may wish to fundraise to support your participation in a Vine Trust Building expedition, and further guidance is available through our fundraising pack which will be sent to you on confirmation of your place on the expedition.

Contact Programme Manager Louise at or give us a call at the Vine Trust office on 0131 555 5598.