Building Expeditions

Building Expeditions

Make a real difference to Tanzanian communities living in severe poverty and change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children and families.

Provide shelter, security and a sense of hope through the construction of individual family homes and larger children’s orphanages, empowering communities to overcome severe poverty.

You don’t need any previous experience of construction or working in a developing country, just a desire to help make a difference. Whether you join a volunteering team, or tailor a bespoke Vine Trust expedition for your organisation, you will play a key role in promoting sustainable, community-led development in Tanzania.


Forthcoming trip dates for building expeditions:

24 July - 7 August 2019ApplyInfo
12 October - 26 October 2019ApplyInfo


Small Family Homes Built


Number of bricks handled in 2018


Individual Family Homes Constructed in 2018

What is a Building Expedition?

Our 2-week Building expeditions are a unique and rewarding way for you to make a practical and long-lasting impact in local Tanzanian communities. We collaborate with our local partners and communities to ensure we best support the most vulnerable children and families through effective and sustainable change.

  • Get your hands dirty alongside a team of 20-25 volunteers, digging foundations, mixing cement and building brick walls in conjunction with our local builders.
  • Engage with the local community and meet the people you are building for.
  • Immerse yourself in the colour and culture of Tanzania while learning about the harsh realities of extreme poverty.

Download our Expedition Info Booklet, or take a look at our Expeditions Blog.

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Individual homes for vulnerable families & orphans

Teams will work alongside our in-country partners, TAWREF (Tanzania Women’s Research Foundation), to support the construction of homes for vulnerable families and orphans in the Moshi rural and urban areas. We have constructed a total of 116 family homes since 2011, providing a brighter future for our beneficiaries and their wider communities.


Kazunzu Village of Hope

Kazunu Village of Hope is an exciting new project launched by Vine Trust in Autumn 2018, without first teams travelling to Kazunzu in 2019. The village will consist of clusters of individual homes, housing orphans and a ‘mama’ figure to allow them to grow in a stable family environment. A vocational training centre will provide hands-on learning opportunities for those in the village and the broader community. Schooling will be provided in the later phases for the children living at Kazunzu and the surrounding farms and villages.

Exploring Tanzania

The focus of your expedition will be on construction, but there are also opportunities to discover the local history, culture and wildlife. Trips to a variety of cultural visitor attractions are included in the expedition, and there is also a chance to sign up for an optional safari to view Tanzania’s stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife.


The cost per person in 2019 is £1,490. This includes:

  • transport within Tanzania, food and water, accommodation, entry to visitor attractions, support from UK based and Tanzania Vine Trust staff and a minimum £400 contribution towards building materials and wages for local builders in Tanzania

Not included:

  • international flights (we will book the flights to access charitable rates), any immunisations and anti-malarial tablets required, visa entry (currently $50 USD), the optional safari with KLM Safaris.

Please note that we are unable to accept CAF, Charities Trust, Stewardship or Give As You Earn (GAYE) or ‘payroll giving’ as payment towards expeditions.

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Help Build a Brighter Future

Vine Trust Projects

Vine Trust have supported our local partners in the construction of over 80 individual homes, as well as 3 larger children’s centres:


Kimashuku is a parish just outside central Moshi. The church there had a vision to build a children’s home. In 2011, with help from two Vine Trust work parties joining the local builders and great community involvement from parish volunteers, a home for 15 children was completed. In 2014, a second larger home for 30 children was opened, built with help from Vine Trust school groups and expedition teams.

Njia Panda

This parish is located in a very dry area near the border with Kenya. The church is currently looking after between 250 and 300 children in their community. Work has been completed on a home for 50 children, but this is only the beginning of addressing the need in this greatly impoverished area.


The local community originally began funding school places for a number of children, but due to the high costs of such a task decided that it would be cheaper if they started their own school – and that is exactly what they did! There are now over 400 children who attend their primary school. A home for vulnerable children and orphans was completed in 2013, where over 30 orphaned children currently live.

Team-Building for Organisations

Vine Trust offers Building Expeditions tailored for teams from companies, organisations and community groups. These programmes provide a unique opportunity to build stronger working relationships and to enhance personal and professional development.

Working with a group of 18 to 25 volunteers, we can arrange an expedition that suits your team. We will work closely with you to organise a bespoke placement that is challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Supporting communities at local, national and international levels, our expeditions are able to meet many organisations’ corporate social responsibilities.

Our In-Country Partners

It is important to Vine Trust that we ensure we are supporting work of the communities and organisations at the grassroots of those most in need through the collaboration of local churches and NGOs. We work closely alongside two local organisations in Moshi, Tanzania:


TAWREF, or Tanzania Women’s Research Foundation, is a national organization based in Moshi, Tanzania, which conducts evidence-based interventions informed by research using community driven interventions to transform the lives of marginalized populations particularly children, young people and women. Vine Trust supports TAWREF’s work through the construction of individual family homes for vulnerable families and orphans in central Moshi and Moshi rural areas, engaging with UN Sustainable Development Goal No.11.1: access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing.

To date, Vine Trust volunteers have supported the construction of 116 individual family homes. Our aim was to complete 100 homes by the end of 2018; with the support of our volunteers, we reached this milestone in April of 2018, 8 months ahead of schedule.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania works across the country in poverty alleviation and environment protection projects. It has 23 hospitals and more than 140 health centres and dispensaries spread across Tanzania, as well as universities, schools and orphanages. Vine Trust works closely with the Northern Diocese in Moshi, as volunteers support the construction of larger children’s homes for orphans throughout the region. Vine Trust volunteers have been involved in the construction of three children’s orphanages since 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost includes in-country transport, food, water, accommodation, entry to visitor attractions and support from UK-based and in-country Vine Trust Staff. The cost also includes a contribution towards building materials 

International flights will be booked by Vine Trust and you will be informed of the cost at the time of booking. Vine Trust is able to access discounted flights for group or charitable rates directly with the airline and through our travel agencies. We are able to arrange flights from any major airport, and we always seek to find the appropriate balance between price and convenience.

Not included in the cost are any immunisations or anti-malarial tablets required and for Tanzania expeditions, visa entry (currently $50 USD payable on arrival at the airport) and an optional safari with KLM Safaris as detailed below.

The price of the safari varies depending on how many people wish to join the excursion, but it may cost from around £400 for a two-night safari. We work closely with KLM Safaris to ensure we get the best possible price for our volunteers.

Yes. We are able to arrange flights to any major airport for onward travel. Please contact a member of te Building Expeditions team to discuss this.

Yes. We understand that you may wish to fundraise to support your participation in a Vine Trust Building expedition, and further guidance is available through our fundraising pack which will be sent to you on confirmation of your place on the expedition.

Yes, it is highly likely that you will need immunisations and anti-malarial tablets. We always advise that you check with your GP or local travel clinic what immunisations and anti-malarial tablets are recommended for your trip as this is changeable and depends on each individual. The NHS Fit for Travel website ( also provides up to date information and advice.”