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Hamilton College Blog 8

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd July 2018 Our last day in Moshi before leaving for safari involved a packed schedule which started on the worksite. By now the Fundis had erected the walls to the point of the window ledge and the progress of the team was beginning to become visible. We spent our half day moving buckets and bags of sand along the roughly half a mile stretch to the worksite, in order to assist in the mixing of cement. We then returned to Berea where we rapidly changed and headed Fuka, an ELCT project built by Vine Trust. There…

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Millburn Academy Blog 5

Wednesday 4th July We carried on working on Site 1. The night’s weather building up to the day was heavy rain which made the trek to the site very slippery underfoot so we had to be cautious when walking to the site. When we got there we noticed that the work for the day was going to be difficult so had to plan our work differently to normal. We started off carrying rocks from the bottom of the slope to the top where the house was positioned. We had to cut through the trees to ensure we had a safe…

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Millburn Academy Blog 4

Monday 2nd July 2018 We went to site 3 for the first time. This site is for Baraka, his mother and two younger brothers. The site is very flat and there is a lot of space yet there are loads of maize stalks in the ground which all of us were tripping over. When we got there the sure was completely unworked so we waited for the fundis to tell us where to dig in and then dug out the foundations. It was very hard as the soil was wet and heavy. Once we dug all the foundations, we then…

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Hamilton College Blog 7

Sunday 1st July 2018 We got up early today to go to church at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre which was really good and we were welcomed by everyone there. We even got to see them celebrate a one year wedding anniversary of two people from the local community. We then came back to Berea and had a few hours to chill and then we left for Upendo Orphanage. At the orphanage we gave out teddies and other toys like balloons and bubbles which was really nice to see the children playing with. We went to the Union Cafe because…

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Hamilton College Blog 6

Saturday 30 June 2018 Today we spent a half day on the worksites. It was a slightly earlier start than usual but it meant that the temperature was cooler when working. It was really encouraging to see the walls beginning to take shape and we had lots of fun playing with the local children. We went shopping in the afternoon where we picked up some souvenirs and gifts for family. Lots of us also got to have some fun haggling for good prices at stalls. Our evening was then finished with a talent show that consisted of acts from the…

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Hamilton College Blog 5

Sunday 29th June 2018 "We started our day at the worksite, moving bricks from the roadside down to the worksite. We then mixed cement and passed it to the Fundis using a chain. This meant that by the time we left for lunch, the foundations were complete and this was very encouraging as we could see all the progress we had made. After this, we visited a completed home which was built by vine trust in 2015. It was really good to see the work we were doing in action and how it impacts the lives of people we are…

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