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Inverness Royal Academy Blog 5

Day 13. As Colombo would say, one more thing: Last goodbyes. Kwaheri. I wasn’t going to blog again but the last day was so emotional for so many that I felt I had to give a little vignette of the events leading to our departure. There was a quick trip to buy coffee as “geefts” for you all back home and  the presentation of “Most likely to...” awards to everyone. I’m afraid to say that mine was “Person most likely to dab inappropriately” while others were most likely to be late (Duncan); to work flat out on the sites (Karen);…

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Inverness Royal Academy Blog 4

Day 10 A brutally early start saw most of us dozing by the outskirts of Moshi as we began the 4 hour drive to Tarangire National Park. Some luxury “western” toilets were a highlight of the day for some. Our drivers were all great guys, particularly “Safari John”...who kept Miss Neil's group entertained throughout. Our group (Murray, Kirsty, Iona, Anna, Eilidh and yours truly) literally had Goodluck driving us. Like, actual. Genuine.  We saw elephants up close...maybe too close in one respect that I'll leave out the blog! There were giraffes too and a very exciting moment when a female…

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Inverness Royal Academy Blog 3

Day 6 & 7 I should say a bit about night time activities because we spend a good bit of time together back at Berea. Category Catch has rapidly established itself as a favourite. Some of the team are very names but Sophie will tell you when she's home. The three Jacks are regular players along with Duncan, Verity, David, Euan, Craig and a few competitive adults. Ben from The Vine Trust joins in when he's not strumming his guitar. Others play cards, Hally Galli (ask Miss Mason) or play with the local kids. This was the day that…

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Inverness Royal Academy Blog 2

Day 4 (Monday 26th March) The work starts here. The group splits in two today to get started on both sites simultaneously. Team Big Dave (names have not been changed to protect the innocent) headed up the hill to start levelling the site for Sam and Freddy's plot. Team Njia Panda went to Njia Panda to start digging the hard (but already flat) ground for foundations. When we set off we thought this might be the harder shift but progress was quicker here when we compared notes at the end of the day. Murray, Mrs Neil and Mason were with…

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Inverness Royal Academy Blog 1

Moshi moshi from Moshi. I know that's Japanese rather than Swahili but I can't overlook a bit of wordplay. For those who do know a bit of Swahili, Jambo from Moshi. It's Sunday night as I write this...apologies for the delay. I had written a verbose piece with lots of wordplay but you've all been spared that because I had to get a local SIM to upload this and I lost all of my musings. I'm writing this on my phone so please excuse any typos and forgive me for phonetic interpretations of Swahili. To all the parents at home…

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Oakwood Park Grammar School - Blog 4

Friday 21st Friday was our last full day of work at New Hope Children's Centre. After an early start, we worked throughout the day, continuing the projects we had been working on previously and ensuring they were ready for the finishing touches on Saturday. We rewarded ourself for our efforts with a delicious dinner of chicken and chips which went down well with the team!  Saturday 22nd We spent the morning completing the second coats of paint, adding the finishing touches and laying astroturf in the picnic area. We clean tidied up and surveyed our work, before climbing on a bus with all the children from the…

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