Vine Trust & TAWREF Celebrate 100th Home…..And Counting! Published: 06 Apr 2018

Vine Trust and Tanzania Women's Research Foundation (TAWREF) are humbled and excited to announce the construction of our 100th home for vulnerable families and orphans in the Kiliminjaro region of Tanzania. Executive Director Dafrosa Itemba explained how the partnership between Vine Trust and TAWREF developed over the past eight years to reach this significant milestone:

"Sometime in 2010, Reverend Willie McPherson, the Chief Executive of Vine Trust, met with Reverend Justin Oforo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kilimanjaro and agreed to embark on a home building project for orphans in Kilimanjaro through TAWREF as a Non Governmental Organization.

What started as an anthill in 2012 has now become a big mountain, the Kilimanjaro! The vision was to have an 100th house come end of 2018. However, the hard working Vine Trust Team and volunteers said “No” to this and decided to amazingly cut it short! This was through extra and strategic fund raising efforts.

The lucky beneficiary for the 100th home is the little girl known as Eva Mary who is in Primary 4.  Eva Mary's mother passed away and her father is an AIDS patient.  Eva Mary lives with her grandmother, Rose Inyas, who has a physical disability but struggling to earn a few shillings on petty business. They live in Uru Kusini Ward, Kimanganuni village in Moshi Rural district and their current house is almost inhabitable.  They own a small piece of family land on which their house is being built.  The combination of being a motherless child, having an AIDS suffering father and a disabled but hard working grandmother to keep the family going makes the celebration of the 100th home even more impactful.

The climax will be the 10th of April 2018 when the Moshi District Commissioner Hon. Kippi Warioba and some of the workers at his office plus some of the TAWREF staff and the press will join hands with the General Home-Building Expedition at the work site.

A million thanks to all of the volunteers who have made reaching this goal possible including the April General Home-Building team and school team from Inverness Royal Academy.

The mission continues…"

Keep updated on the progress of our 100th home on our Home-Building and School Expedition blogs ( 

Vine Trust would like to thank all of our volunteers, friends and supporters and particularly the hard work of the TAWREF team to continue connecting people to change lives.