Forth Hope Voyage Blog

Forth Hope - 17th August

17th August (1343 miles from the mouth of the Amazon) A hot sticky day is fast becoming the norm aboard MV Forth Hope as we head towards the equator and South America. No sticky toffee pudding today but apple strudel and custard to keep us going! Life in the slow lane means 210 miles per day, with a hoped for arrival in Iquitos on the 7th or 8th September!  Then there's a fast turnaround before the ship begins work ahead of some important visitors on the 17th from Lima and the Regional Government. We may be travelling relatively slowly, but blink and another day…

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16th August -  21.00hrs Atlantic greetings from the bridge of MV Forth Hope We're currently some 1564 miles off the coast of Brazil. Tomorrow 17th August will see us reach the half way mark in our 6800 mile voyage to Peru, and the half way point in our transatlantic leg from the Canaries to Macapa, Brazil. Thereafter its just under 2000 miles up the Amazon! The weather is good, the temperature building and the sea pleasantly calm. Best for now, Willie McPherson (Photo - Colin Anderson on the bridge of Forth Hope)

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