Forth Hope - Time for the Big Scrub!

Perhaps hard to imagine but basically, wash down all paintwork that you can safely get to, cover in soapy water, then rub with a polypropylene scourer and some Jif or Cif or whatever it's called these days and rinse. Bill and Martin have been enduring just that today as we remove the brown streaks from the Atlantic crossing.  Thereafter it's a touch up job before we start using a drone to capture some river shots etc ahead of an official visit to inaugurate the medical work on the 17th September south of Iquitos.

In the meantime Robert Cavanah who joined us in Macapa has set himself the task of polishing the stainless steel deck rails. Robert has joined us to record a documentary on the ships river delivery and first medical expedition.

Best from the midnight to 4am watch.

Willie McPherson

31st August 2017

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