Vine Trust wins national recognition for Amazon project Published: 13 Dec 2016

As we approach the end of 2016, it's incredible to think that the Amazon Hope Medical Programme has been providing health services to remote villages in Peru for 14 years. 

Connecting people to change lives continues to be at the heart of the Amazon Hope Programme. This was highlighted on the national stage earlier this year when the programme was announced as the 2016 winner of Best Practice in Public Management in the category Public-Private Cooperation, for its participation in the 'Mama River' project with Cayeteno Heredia University and the Municipality District of Parinari. The pioneering project was introduced in 2015 to improve maternal and child health in 13 riverine communities in the district of Parinari by training community health workers to identify pregnant women. Through the use of smart phone technology, the community health workers are able to coordinate rapid treatment in cases with complications or danger signs during pregnancies, and prevent maternal and perinatal deaths.The Amazon Hope Medical team has also been involved in delivering training and capacity building sessions to Community Health Workers.

In October, collaboration with the Ñahui Ophthalmology Clinic, Lima, saw the delivery of the 7th eye surgery campaign performed aboard the Amazon Hope 2. Since 2011, 1500 consultations have been provided and 275 surgeries performed for cararacts and pterygium. Patients report that these surgeries and treatments make a significant impact on their quality of life and movement, allowing them to interact and participate again in a whole range of family and community activities, and improving their self-confidence.

All of the achievements in 2016 motivate us to keep seeking further ways to grow and enhance the quality and quantity of services which can be provided through the Programme. With discussions currently taking place with a number of different national and regional agencies, 2017 has the potential to be our biggest and busiest year yet. What better way to celebrate 15 years working in the Amazon!