New Medical Records System for the Amazon Hope Programme Published: 20 Mar 2023


During the recent Stakeholders conference, we received a very encouraging update about the progress that has been made on the new Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) which has been installed in the MV Forth Hope in Peru. Initial reports from the medical team have been very positive about how easy it is to use and the benefits that it is bringing to their work.

The EMR system has been developed in partnership with the Institute for Collaboration in Health, with the software being designed by Peruvian company, Doctoc (

The EMR functions 100% off-line (i.e. does not require an internet connection to work).

With the new EMR system, the Amazon Hope Medical Programme’s staff and volunteers can now:

• Have a fast and agile registration of patients.

• Generate reports that collect relevant data from the information collected from patients during consultations.

• Have security in the use of information.

• Organise patients according to specialty of care.

The Amazon Hope Programme has also developed an alliance with the Universidad Científica del Sur (UCSUR) in Peru, which will allow them to analyse the information and statistics (anonymised) collected by the EMR system in order to carry out clinical studies and improve the health of the community.

Discussions have already started about how this system could be adapted for the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme in Tanzania.