Kazunzu: Village of Hope Published: 23 Apr 2019

This year we are launching the largest construction project to be undertaken yet by Vine Trust: Kazunzu Village of Hope, on the shores of Lake Victoria. This self-sustaining village will offer a safe home to orphans and widows from the lake islands, as well as education and vocational training opportunities and a health care hub for inhabitants of the village and the local communities on the peripheries of the village. In later phases of construction, we hope to see a jetty where our medical vessel Jubilee Hope can dock to allow its medical team to visit the health hub, creating a place-based approach across our medical and construction programmes.

The first volunteer team to embark on this incredible journey with Vine Trust will be a group of 12 from Falkirk Trinity Church. In May they will travel to Kazunzu for 2 weeks to be involved in the construction of the initial two homes in the village; the homes will be built in clusters of 4, each with their own shamba, or cottage garden area. While there, the team will also be able to witness the beginning of construction of the accommodation unit for the vocational training centre; this accommodation will allow students to travel from across the country to attend classes.

The village will provide a new start in life for the most vulnerable orphans on the islands of Lake Victoria. With the highest instance of HIV/AIDS in the country, many orphans are left with no parents and no immediate family to care for them. Working closely with our local in-country partners and regional government, we will ensure that the children living at Kazunzu are given the secure family setting that they currently lack.

Our vision for the village is a centre of excellence, which provides a full cycle of support to the children living there, furnishing them with the learning and skills which they can use to influence and develop wider communities in the future.