Jubilee Hope Saving Lives Published: 12 Mar 2018

According to a recent study commissioned by Vine Trust on the islands of Lake Victoria, the leading cause of death reported for infants and children is malaria (43.3%).  This life-threatening disease often goes untreated, normally due to the few health facilities on the islands running out of medication. 

As well as delivering medication to island dispensaries and participating in malaria prevention activities, the Jubilee Hope medical ship also brings life-saving malaria treatment on its expeditions, as was reported by local worker, Ronald Kebaso from the trip in February to the islands of Goziba and Kerebe:

It was shortly after the last patients had gone out. Everybody was taking a break after a long day's work. Suddenly, a small boat came rowing to the ship. On board was a mother with a baby strapped to her back. The baby looked weak and immobile. The Jubilee Hope team of the national workers and the volunteers swung into action. Quickly, blood samples were taken and the baby was diagnosed to be having severe malaria with severe anaemia. She was started on initial anti-malarial treatment and quickly referred to the hospital for blood transfusion and further management. She received the blood transfusion and now she is well. The mother is very happy and grateful that Jubilee Hope was there at the right time to save her daughter”.

You can help the Vine Trust’s medical programmes to continue saving lives in these remote and isolated communities.  We need medical professionals to volunteer on our ships and work alongside the local health team (medical-expeditions) as well as financial support to help cover the costs of these services (donate).