First Amazon Hope Expedition of 2021 Published: 03 Feb 2021

Despite all the challenges in during 2020, the Amazon Hope Programme was still able to deliver 35,121 consultations during that time.  Working closely with the regional authorities, the Programme was able to restart visits to the communities in September, completing an additional 4 expeditions before the end of the year.  Much of the success of these trips was a result of strengthening links with the health teams based in some of the remote villages, who worked side by side with the Amazon Hope teams on many of the expeditions. 

Building upon the progress of last year’s activities, we are delighted to report that the Forth Hope set sail on Monday the 1st of February from Iquitos on its first medical expedition of 2021.

The ship will travel for 20 days along the Ucayali River, working with the local communities to provide health services, all under the region’s approved COVID-19 protocols.

The Programme personnel, based in Lima and Iquitos, have been working very hard since the turn of the year to put into everything into place to make the trip a success.

We are also incredibly grateful to all who generously supported the Crowdfunder campaign which VT launched at the end of last year.  Supporters from many parts of the work, including the UK, USA and in Peru, came together to raise sufficient funds to make it possible for the programme to run 20 medical expeditions in 2021.