Exciting New Construction Project: Kazunzu Village of Hope Published: 03 Oct 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of the largest building project ever to be undertaken by Vine Trust!

Kazunzu Village of Hope will be a centre of excellence in providing a future, education and training, constructed on a piece of land to the West of Mwanza, on the shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The village will consist of clusters of individual homes, housing up to six orphans and a ‘mama’ figure, providing a stable family environment for them to grow in. Each cluster will share a small ‘shamba’, or cottage garden, to grow crops for their own consumption and the possibility of selling on excess produce they don’t eat.

A vocational training centre will provide hands-on learning opportunities for those in the village and the broader community. Schooling will be provided in later phases for the children living at Kazunzu and the surrounding farms and villages. 

Sustainability will be key to the success of such a programme and we hope to create an array of income opportunities for the villagers. There will be an area of land set aside for farming cash crops, and we are also exploring the possibility of a series of fish ponds where the villagers can farm Tilapia.

The first phase of construction will focus on building the first 15 homes as well as the Vocational Training Centre and addressing some of the infrastructure elements such as water and sanitation.

If you would like to be part of one of the first volunteering teams supporting the development at Kazunuzu, apply for our October 2019 “Introduction To Kazunzu” building expedition for individuals here:

Check out our video for more information: