Amazon Hope 2 out of Dry Dock Published: 08 Mar 2018

In the last week Amazon Hope 2 has come out of dry dock. The dry-docking period has allowed the team to conduct several maintenance tasks “below the waterline”.

Firstly, a full ultrasound of the hull was done to assess for any areas of corrosion or damage. In the round the hull was in excellent shape with only a few small areas requiring remedial action. Once these repairs were made, the whole hull was re-painted.

The propeller and the sheath the propeller shaft sits in (cutless bearing) was inspected. The cutless was showing much more ware than we had expected and so a replacement was flown over from Lima. This was fitted and some minor repairs done to the propeller blade, due to wear and tear from floating debris over the years.

Beyond that we have made a few internal repairs, to areas like the chain locker and on deck we have replaced some of the worn sections of hand rails. Although AH2 is now out of dry dock some of the on-deck repairs will continue for another few days as we complete the paintwork above deck and replace panelling in some of the medical areas.

This will all be complete in the next week or so and we are looking forward to having Amazon Hope 2 looking “as good as new” and back in service very soon, to work in parallel with Forth Hope.

If you are interested in joining one of our medical expeditions to work on board Amazon Hope 2 then please see our Medical Expeditions page - {site_url}volunteer/medical-expeditions