If you need something, ask.  You never know quite what might happen! Published: 07 Jun 2021

In our last edition of Connections, we shared an image of a lorry that the Kazunzu Village of Hope project was hoping to obtain in 2021 to assist with its construction work and to produce some income when not directly required by the project.

Well, we are delighted to report that a 30 tonne Volvo lorry plus a JCB Tele-handler is now in the process of being delivered to Tanzania thanks to the Dale Family near North Berwick, Borders Livestock Exchange Ltd and Forth Resource Management who organised a charity auction in support of this project.

Between them over £30,000 has been raised in memory of Douglas Dale one of our marine volunteer team who sadly passed away last September.

We are immensely grateful to Jack Dale who gifted the lorry, Forth Resource Management and the wider farming community that has supported this endeavour and the huge contribution Douglas made over the years as one of our volunteer ship delivery engineers.