Jubilee Hope HIV Support Groups 2018

A word from the Vine Trust...

Emily is fundraising in of aid Vine Trust's Jubilee Hope Medical Programme on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Jubilee Hope Medical Expeditions enable volunteers to make a real and lasting difference to communities living on the islands and shore of Lake Victoria. Working in partnership with our in-country clinical team, volunteers provide primary healthcare services to communities living in severe poverty, aboard our fully-equipped medical vessel, Jubilee Hope. With 50,000 consultations held annually, and a specialist HIV Testing and treatment programme, Vine Trust Medical Expeditions provide free, life-changing clinical testing, treatment and education to communities who would otherwise have little or no access to basic healthcare.

Donations made through this page will contribute towards the maintenance and development of the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme.

Many thanks for supporting Vine Trust – together we are helping to support vulnerable communities through effective and sustainable development.

Please note: Vine Trust does not accept responsibility for the fundraising activities of persons fundraising in aid of their expedition or the Trust. Any views expressed on this page are solely those of the named fundraiser and/or their donors, not Vine Trust.

Fundraising Activity

It is estimated that around 20-30% of people in these fishing communities are living with HIV. This significantly higher infection rate is down to a complex and interconnected mix of cultural, social and economic factors. HIV services have been provided by the Jubilee Hope medical ship since it started visiting the islands in March 2015, but plans are in place to significantly increase the scale and impact of the work being done. By the beginning of 2017, through community engagement and regional HIV agency collaboration, Vine Trust will be providing a range of services to these island communities including counselling, testing and treatment. Due to the complex nature of the challenge being faced, the Programme's services must go beyond the clinical approach alone. Included in the plans are a variety of community-based initiatives which will engage community leaders, start support groups and train health champions.These groups allow women to openly declare their HIV status and be supported by others who are going through the same situation. By disclosing that they are HIV positive, these women are able to access life-changing antiretroviral treatment, which not only considerably improves their own health but also significantly reduces the risk of the infection being passed on to their unborn or infant child.

How I'm raising money

Motivated by the needs of these women, in 2017 the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme took the decision to expand a pilot HIV Support Groups for women across islands in the Kagera Region of Lake Victoria. In the past 6 months, groups have now been established in 5 different locations with a total of 330 women taking part. In 2018 we hope to build significantly on the progress made. Although the magnitude of the work which lies ahead is huge, we are not discouraged. Rather, we are excited and encouraged to know that, through the hard work and generous support of many people in Tanzania and the UK, the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme will not only change lives, but help to save them.

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  • Jenny Langdon donated £150.00
    21st Sep, 2018

    Emily- this money goes to such a good cause, and makes a difference to so many women and their families.

  • (Offline Donation) donated £200.00
    28th Jun, 2018

    Frimley Baptist Church

  • Anonymous donated to this page.
    19th Jun, 2018

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  • Georgie Cave donated £30.00
    31st May, 2018

    Rise up and sing, knowing that women and men all over the world hear your voice and care about you.

  • Olive O'Dowd-Booth donated £50.00
    30th May, 2018

    Your work sounds amazing, every person you help is having a great effect, I wish you all the best.

  • Anonymous donated £30.00
    11th May, 2018

    No Message

  • (Offline Donation) donated £68.96
    10th May, 2018

    Additional fundraising by Lesley Sangster

  • Sharman Heasman donated £30.00
    3rd May, 2018

    Good luck in all you do.

  • (Offline Donation) donated £300.00
    2nd May, 2018

    Following a talk by Dr Grace and Dr Jess

  • Clare Cave donated £60.00
    2nd May, 2018

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  • ALBERT CAVE donated £120.00
    1st May, 2018

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  • Daniel Everett donated £20.00
    26th Mar, 2018

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  • lesley Hall donated £200.00
    23rd Mar, 2018

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  • Rhona Raeburn donated £50.00
    23rd Mar, 2018

    These support groups are so important

  • Katherine Langdon donated £50.00
    5th Mar, 2018

    A donation for Dr Jenny as a thank you for all of her incredible support. Fi + Katie, Skin + Blister

  • Anne Ince donated £100.00
    3rd Mar, 2018

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  • Anonymous donated to this page.
    20th Feb, 2018

    Already supporting 339 women. Looking forward to seeing this initiative grow.

  • Anonymous donated £50.00
    19th Feb, 2018

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  • Anonymous donated £100.00
    19th Feb, 2018

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