Tanzania Jubilee Hope HIV Support Groups 2017

A word from the Vine Trust...

Emily is fundraising in of aid Vine Trust's Jubilee Hope Medical Programme on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Jubilee Hope Medical Expeditions enable volunteers to make a real and lasting difference to communities living on the islands and shore of Lake Victoria. Working in partnership with our in-country clinical team, volunteers provide primary healthcare services to communities living in severe poverty, aboard our fully-equipped medical vessel, Jubilee Hope. With 50,000 consultations held annually, and a specialist HIV Testing and treatment programme, Vine Trust Medical Expeditions provide free, life-changing clinical testing, treatment and education to communities who would otherwise have little or no access to basic healthcare.

Donations made through this page will contribute towards the maintenance and development of the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme.

Many thanks for supporting Vine Trust – together we are helping to support vulnerable communities through effective and sustainable development.

Please note: Vine Trust does not accept responsibility for the fundraising activities of persons fundraising in aid of their expedition or the Trust. Any views expressed on this page are solely those of the named fundraiser and/or their donors, not Vine Trust.

Fundraising Activity

It is estimated that around 20-30% of people in fishing communities on Lake Victoria are living with HIV compared to a national average of 5.3%. This significantly higher infection rate is down to a multifaceted and interconnected mix of cultural, social and economic factors. Vine Trust's Jubilee Hope Medical Programme is launching a 5 year strategy, working with national partners to provide clinical and preventive services. Our aim is that any funds raised in 2017 will be allocated specifically towards launching a new HIV support group on the island of Goziba and sustaining an existing support group on the island of Ikuza. As an additional part of this project we hope to: - Commence enterprise initiatives - Train HIV community health workers - Provide HIV education materials - Provide HIV prevention supplies

How I'm raising money

A combination of preventative and clinical services. As well as the introduction of CD4 testing and antiretroviral treatment, a variety of community-based initiatives are also required which engage community leaders, establish support groups and train health champions in an attempt to respond to the deep-rooted behaviours and attitudes which significantly contribute to the ongoing spread of HIV on the islands.

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  • Trudi McIntosh donated £20.00
    2nd Jan, 2018

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  • Jenny Langdon donated £200.00
    2nd Jan, 2018

    Amazing progress being made- to make a real difference to so many lives.

  • Emma Rischbieth donated to this page.
    20th Dec, 2017

    I hope this program continues to evolve and provide education for the women and men in these groups so that they can become health leaders in their communities.

  • Fiona Edwards donated £60.00
    19th Dec, 2017

    A donation to make a difference as a Christmas present to my inspirational Mum and Granny, Dr Langdon. Love Fi and The Badgers! x

  • Elizabeth Wright donated £100.00
    19th Dec, 2017

    I am giving this instead of Christmas gifts this year- so much better to support a worthy cause.

  • Anonymous donated to this page.
    17th Sep, 2017

    I've seen first hand the amazing work of the HIV support groups. You are saving lives-including children.

  • (Offline Donation) donated £1,416.00
    26th Jul, 2017

    Sidi's fundraising and matched funding from Robertson Trust

  • (Offline Donation) donated £500.00
    26th May, 2017

    Elaine and Sandy Christie

  • (Offline Donation) donated £50.00
    25th Apr, 2017

    Alison Lunt

  • (Offline Donation) donated £499.73
    21st Apr, 2017

    Lesley Sangster Additional Fundraising

  • Morven Hulks donated £125
    3rd Mar, 2017

    So delighted to see this worthy cause is up & running!

  • Anonymous donated £10
    2nd Feb, 2017

    Irene's birthday donation

  • (Offline Donation) donated £2,966.39
    2nd Feb, 2017

    Frimley Baptist Church

  • Anonymous donated £202
    31st Jan, 2017

    No Message

  • Thomas J Langdon donated £100
    30th Dec, 2016

    A great cause and well done, mum, for helping the women of Tanzania.

  • Miss K A Langdon donated £100
    26th Dec, 2016

    A Christmas gift for the women on the Lake Victoria Islands in Tanzania

  • Fiona Edwards donated £100
    13th Dec, 2016

    A great cause, and amazing to support entrepreneurial women in Tanzania. The Edwards Family x

  • Mrs E Wright donated £300
    9th Dec, 2016

    No Message

  • Dr J A Langdon donated £100
    9th Dec, 2016

    The HIV Positive women of the Islands are so strong but are suffering so much because of their low status. Giving them a route to independence changes everything in their lives and their children's lives. That is the future of their country. How little it

  • Anonymous donated £20
    30th Nov, 2016

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