Wendy’s Care Expedition

Wendy’s Care Expedition

In September this year I spent an amazing three weeks in Tanzania, returning there for my 3rd time. It was a truly special experience and one I yet again will never forget.

The first week of my adventure was spent taking part in a Vine Trust Care expedition, which then led on to a two-week home building expedition, during which the group were involved in building 3 family homes. 

I spent time in a primary school called Rafiki Foundation, where the children living at the Kimashuku Children’s Centre attend.  I visited their classrooms, spending time in music and geography classes, where we learned about fishing, and science class discovering the different purposes of water. I also enjoyed some Swahili lessons!  I ate lunch with the children and teachers, and after school I headed back to Kimashuku children’s centre for birthday cake and juice to celebrate two of the girls turning 13 and 14.

Other days were spent with Mamma Flora and teacher Aswena at Best Children’s Centre. Children here are aged 3-7 years and I enjoyed listening to their English class learning how to say names of animals and fruits. I was able to lead their class in colouring and drawing, then headed out to play with skipping ropes, bubbles and a game of skittles.

A place that holds much happiness for me is Kalali Baby Orphanage; returning to visit the children was very special.  Spending time getting cuddles and telling stories with the babies was a highlight for me and playing in the play park with the toddlers, hearing their giggles and seeing their cheeky smiles as they run around is something really spectacular.

The children of Tanzania are filled with smiles, love, hope and faith and are so pleased to see you when you arrive. They savour every minute of your time and energy, giving you back just as much.  I cannot wait to go back to visit them in 2017 and be part of yet again connecting people to change lives.

Asante Sana,


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