Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 2

Robertson Trust T20 - Blog 2

We often hear stories of families in Africa walking miles each day to collect water, but sometimes this can feel like a distant problem to those of us living in the UK. Yesterday, for our team of Robertson Trust volunteers working on the site of Efata’s new home, this familiar story became a reality. 

When mixing the cement for the building's secure foundations, many litres of water are required to create the appropriate consistency. The closest water source was a 30 minute walk away, through sunflower and maize plantations, over dry river beds, and up a steep hill via a twisty, red dirt track. The team spent most of the day collecting water from a generous neighbour at the top of this pictureasque climb, and quickly came to appreciate how fortunate we are to have easy and consistent access to clean water in the UK, while gaining an insight into some of the challenges faced by vulnerable communities in Tanzania.

Meanwhile, the team working on James and Fabian’s new home powered through their workload - digging trenches, and moving rocks and boulders to strengthen the foundations. These were filled in with dirt and prepared for the addition of cement. The group were also able to spend some time playing with the mischevious neighbours who popped by to say hello!

Once everyone had returned to Umjoa Hostel and freshened up after their hard day's work, the group enjoyed a well-deserved meal at Union Café, and even treated themselves to cake.

Today the full #TanzaniaTwenty group will work as one on Efata’s worksite, providing additional support to the fundis, including supplying water for the next exciting stage: building the walls. In the afternoon, we will visit the children at Kimashuku Children’s home and deliver the mountain of donations brought over by the T20 team!

Louise and the Tanzania Twenty

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