Rabisante’s New Home Brings Hope

Rabisante’s New Home Brings Hope

In March 2016, a team of Vine Trust volunteers travelled to Tanzania to support our partners, TAWREF, in the construction of a home for a widow, Rabisante.

Rabisante lived with her eight children in a small mud and wooden house, with only two beds for the whole family to share. Rabisante supported her children by fetching water and washing clothes for local families, as well as working in the plantations. As a single mother, life was tough as she struggled to provide for her children each day.

Since moving into their new home, the knowledge that they have a secure and safe place to sleep each night has turned their lives around.

Rabisante recently told us:

“Before getting a house, I was living with my father in law but was chased away after his death. It meant I had nowhere to stay with my children...

After getting a house we are all extremely happy. We live at peace and I now sleep under one roof with my children. They have a decent place to live. Now that we have a secure place to sleep that is our own, I am trying to sustain my family through keeping cows, goats and a small business.”


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