Culloden Academy - Blog 2

Culloden Academy - Blog 2

Tuesday 27th

Today we woke up early and travelled to Tarangire National Park. We saw lots of zebras, wildebeests and giraffes. The most impressive animal in my opinion were the elephants. We were also lucky enough to see a leopard slouching in the middle of a tree.

In the evening, we camped out in tents which had very comfy beds in them. We also star gazed and I saw two shooting stars!

Wednesday 28th

This morning, we had a very early start, we left our tents at 5.30am and began our second day of safari. By the end of the day we seen all of ‘The Big 5’ animals, having seen a rhino, buffalo, elephants, lions and a leopard over our two day safari. We arrived back at our accomodation in Berea around 8pm and were all very tired after enjoying our safari trip.

Thursday 29th

Today, we wroked on the home-building sites. Some of the teams had easier days whilst others were levelling ground for the house floors, but it was a tiring day for all. In the evening Judith ‘frustrated’ us all with her mind games. It was a great day.

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