School Expedition Blogs

Berwickshire High School Team Blog: Tanzania June 2019

Tuesday 4th June The team arrived at Berea in the morning. A busy day was spent in Moshi, touring the local markets were there was lots of interesting and unusual items for sale. The evening was finished with a games night and some chalk on pavement fun for all!  Wednesday 5th June Our first day on the two home-building sites for Devotha and Tumaini's new homes. After a long journey up some very simple roads, we arrived at the site to huge welcomes from both the local community. There was plenty of singing and dancing in traditional Tanzania style. The…

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Millburn Academy Team Blog: Tanzania, June 2018

Monday 25th June 2018: We arrived to Moshi in the dark and pouring rain on Monday night. however, after our first night's sleep we awoke to lighter skies and a huge spread of eggs and pancakes but in hindsight this was well needed to help us last until lunchtime! After a safety breifing and orientation, we took a walking tour around Moshi and marveled at the incredible sights and smells of the local markets. On Wednesday morning we were warmly welcomed by Dafrosa and everyone at TAWREF by an array of upbeat singing and dancing. Meeting the inspiring people involved in…

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Hamilton College Team Blog: Tanzania, June 2018

Monday 25th June 2018 "Today we started with orientation and learned all about what to do and what not to do during our expedition in Tanzania. We played some games that helped us bond more as a team. In the afternoon we explored Moshi by taking a walk through all the markets. We had some quiet time before dinner so we got to know the group from Galashiels by playing with the children in the garden together and playing games into the evening. It was a good first day!"  (Alice)   Tuesday 26th June 2018 On Tuesday morning, after having…

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Banff and Kincorth Team Blog: Tanzania, June 2018

Tuesday 19th June. "When we arrived everyone was shattered but forced themselves to stay awake to take in the scenery. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of the people at Berea College when they greeted us. Seeing one of our worksites on our first day and the family who we will be building for made an impact on everyone. The family had stayed in their home for 50 years, the views were spectacular but the living conditions inside were so poor, it is difficult to put into words. Our group stood quietly and were touched by the kind words of…

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Galashiels Academy Team Blog: Tanzania, June 2018

Saturday 16th  June.  Galashiels Academy arrived safely at Moshi and are enjoying their first day in Tanzania. The group were together this morning for their orientation meeting, and will be heading in to explore Moshi this afternoon. Everyone is good health and high spirits. Sunday 17th Early rise for the KCMC church service at 8am, followed by a visit to Moshi Childrens Christian Centre in the afternoon (see group photo following Scotland’s 7-2 victory over Tanzania at football today at MCCC). Monday 18th  The team visited the TAWREF offices this morning before driving to their work site to start the…

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Whitburn Academy Team Blog: Peru, June 2018

Our first Whitburn Academy blog comes from Cameron O'Boyle, giving you a bit of insight into the team's journey and first day in Peru: "We all arrived at Edinburgh airport at 3:30am and were ready and excited to jet off to Peru! Our first flight to Paris was very short and we were all still buzzing that, after 2 years of preparation and fundraising, it was actually time to go to Peru. We then boarded our jumbo jet to Peru which had all sorts of freebies and movies which was a relief for everyone. We arrived in Lima at around 4pm…

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