About Our Principles

About Our Principles

Vine Trust works with national and international partners to strengthen health systems and support construction projects in Peru and Tanzania.

A core, fundamental element of Vine Trust’s model is that of connecting volunteers to these long-term partnerships, a dynamic which provides significant reciprocal learning and training opportunities and the advancement of the programme’s targeted outcomes.

It’s not just ‘what’ you do…

As an organisation, Vine Trust’s activities have developed considerably since it was first established in 1985. Throughout, Vine Trust has sought to find the most suitable ways of providing support and assistance to its in-country partners, recognising that this may change and need to be revised over time.

To help monitor these changes and be able to adapt its work, Vine Trust has sought to have clear and transparent communication with its partners and to engage in regular reviews of its operational and strategic planning.

Combined with this ongoing monitoring and review of its activities, Vine Trust also holds firmly to the belief that the way Vine Trust provides support is also of primary importance.

Vine Trust believes that it’s not just ‘what’ you do but also ‘how’ you do things is key to successful development programmes and projects. It’s about recognising that the ‘ends’ don’t justify the ‘means’, but rather the way a project is run is of at least equal importance with what is actually achieved.

Our Principles were developed through review and analysis of our existing work, research in global development themes as well as extensive discussion and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including our partners in Peru and Tanzania.