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Jubilee Hope - Glasgow to Mombasa

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Stewart.

Jubilee Hope set sail from Glasgow on the 22nd of January on first leg of her journey to Mombasa in Kenya.

DAY 84 (15th April) - Noon position (34 16.8s 025 13.5e) just south west of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. 

DAY 81 (12th April) - Jubilee Hope has stopped breifly to take on fresh water before beginning her northwards travel for the first time on the journey. To read a short blog by the ships captain clik here

DAY 80 (11th April) - Jubilee Hope has now been at sea for 80 days! Her location is now 30 40.7s 016 02.0e which is 150 miles north of Cape Town. Great news on the sponsor a mile campaign, we are now at £21,036 which is almost halfway. Thank you for all your donations, every £5 helps us get that bit closer to our target.

DAY 78 (9th April) - We are now heading down the Namibian coast (24 23.2s 014 11.3e). We are currently covering around 100 miles every 12 hours.  

DAY 77 (8th April) - Today should see MV Jubilee Hope heading for Cape Town and beyond on the first of two final coastal legs of its delivery voyage to East Africa.

Captain Louis Novak has relieved Captain McLaren and three other team members who returned over the weekend. We wish Angus Thomson, Charlie Gothard and Donald MacDonald well and welcome Martin Curtis, Samuel Limbe and Dale Hamilton to the crew.

Next and hopefully our final stop - Durban, South Africa.

Wednesday will see us pass the 5000 mile mark from the Clyde with 3500 miles to go! Thanks for all who have supported this remarkable effort. If you can sponsor a mile please click the link below.

With thanks again for everyone's kindness, generosity and good wishes.
Willie McPherson 8th April.

DAY 71 (2nd April) - Jubilee Hope is safely in harbour at Walvis Bay in Namibia. There will be a change of crew in this port with most returning home after more than 70 days at sea! The ships captain Gordon 

Mclaren has written a final wee blog here. The crew has done an outstanding job and deserve a great deal of credit, without them this epic journey would simply not be possible.

DAY 70 (1st April) - Current position (22 32.4s 13 55.4e) which is North West of Walvis Bay in Namibia where Jubilee Hope will be making an unscheduled stop. Read the captains blog here for more information.

DAY 69 (31st March) - Jubilee Hope is now off the coast of Namibia! (20 46.4s 12 04.6e) Lots of heavy seas but ship is still making good progress towards Cape Town - roughly 863 miles to go.

DAY 65 (27th March) - Leg 4 of Jubilee Hope's journey is under way - location at 12 noon was 09 05.6s 012 55.64e. Which is just south west of Luanda - next stop Cape Town!

DAY 64 (26th March) - We are on the move again. Jubilee Hope is currently being refuelled and will be starting the 4th leg of her journey very soon. To read a blog form the ships captain click here.

DAY 63 (25th March) - We are currently docked in Luanda awaiting refuelling before the 4th leg of the journey begins to Cape Town which is 1,600 miles away.

DAY 59 (21st March) - We are now closing in on Luanda (7 18.87s 9 57.94e) which will mean we will complete leg 3 of the journey tomorrow at around lunchtime. Massive thank you to all who have responded to our "Sponsor a Mile" campaign we are now over the £15,000 mark which is fantastic news.

DAY 58 (20th March) - 416 miles from Luanda and the end of Leg 3. Location is now 05 54.2s 006 53.3e which is almost in line with the north edge of the Angolan coast.

DAY 57 (19th March) - We are now 4,525 miles into the journey to Mombasa, with 4,060 to go! Current location is 04 45.5s 003 47.5e which is west of the Congolese coast.

DAY 56 (18th March) - Ship is making good progress at noon today position was 03 47.6s 001 31.1e which is west of Gabon. Currently 760nm until Jubilee Hope reaches Luanda.

DAY 55 (17th March) - Jubilee Hope has passed the equator again! Ship is now south of Ghana (02 07.8n 001 36.2w).

DAY 52 (14th March) - Jubilee Hope has passed the equator! at 12 noon her position was at 00 12.7s 6 22.2w which is south of the Ivory Coast and east of Gabon.

DAY 51 (13th March) -  Jubilee Hope was getting close to the equator last night (00 45.7n 08 15.3w) roughly in line with Equatorial Guinea. Which means that she will pass across into the southern hemisphere later tonight! 

We are still in the first half of the journy to Mombasa with over 4000 miles still to go. Next stop is Luanda before heading on to Cape Town. Why not support the journey by sponsoring a mile of the journey, simply click the link on this page. 

DAY 50 (12th March) - The position of Jubilee Hope last night at 12 midnight was south of Liberia (2n 11w) which is pretty close to Jubilee Hope crossing the equator! Current estimates are for the ship to arrive in Mombasa towards the end of April.

DAY 45 (7th March) - Received a further update from the ship at 12 noon today with a few interesting details of the journey since Las Palmas. The ship has been visited by various pods of porpoise who dance in the wake and remain with the ship for several miles. The crew has also recently sighted a tropical bird along with flying fish! Another unusual bit of news is that a small squid was washed on deck by a wave

(7th March) - Ship was roughly in line with Bassau in Guinea-Bassau at 12 midnight. We passed the £10,00o mark in donations this morning, thank you to all who have donated.

DAY 44 (6th March) - At 2am this morning Jubilee Hope passed Ilha de Santiago which is the most south east island of the Cape Verde. Ship is now into rough seas with a heavy swell.

DAY 43 (5th March) - We are on the move again! Set sail at 8am this morning, leg 3 has begun next stop Luanda in Angola!

DAY 42 (4th March) - Jubilee Hope is currenty in harbour and you can now see exactly where by clicking here. If you want to know exaclty why we are sailing a ship 8,585 miles round Afri

ca click here

DAY 41 (3rd March) - Leg 2 of Jubilee Hopes journey is complete she is now safely in harbour in Port Grande, Cape Verde. Our total raised is now £9,800 which is 1960 miles so we are 425 miles behind the boat! Why not give us a hand to catch up before the boat sets sail again. Will have an update as soon as the boat leaves port for leg 3 of the journey.

DAY 38 (28th February) - Seas are currently very heavy but Jubilee Hope is keeping a good steady speed.

DAY 37 (27th February) - Jubilee Hope set sail from harbour on Tuesday night and her latest position was 25n 15w which is off the coast from Western Sahara. There's a north easterly gale with very rough seas and confused high swell but ship is keaping a steady speed of above 8 knots.

DAY 34 (24th February) - Jubillee Hope successfully berthed at 10:17 this morning. Current plan is to be ready to begin leg 2 of the journey late on Tuesday night.

DAY 31 (21st February) - Final Jubilee Hope update of the week!

Speed has been good the last 24 hours with the weather helping out to push her along. The crew are enjoying the warmer weather and will be having their first roast since they set sail! Ship will arrive in Las Palmas on Sunday - there will be a wee change of crew before Leg 2 of the journey begins to Cape Verde.

In terms of our "Sponsor a Mile" campaign we have raised enough to cover 1753 miles which takes us 233 miles into the 865 mile journey form Las Palmas to Cape Verde.

DAY 29 (19th February) - Ship is out of the Bay of Biscay and off the coast of Portugal, just north of Porto.

DAY 28 (18th February) - Ship was halfway across the Bay of Biscay at midnight last night and is making steady progress. Crew are all in good spirits.

DAY 27 (17th February) - Jubilee Hope is currently around a third of the way across the Bay of Biscay (46N 007W) and makeing steady progress. There is a very heavy swell and rough seas but the sunshine has helped cheer the crew up. We have broken the £8000 mark in donations towards our sponsor a mile campaign! We are now at £8075 which is 1516 miles - over 20% of the total journey.

Day 26 (16th February) - Jubilee Hope is moving again. Re-started her journey late last night aiming to be off Lisobon by noon on Thurdsay.

DAY 24 (14th Feb) - It may be Valentines day but the weather is definately not loveable in the south of England. No firm  plans for a leaving date BUT we are still seeing a great response to our "Sponsor a Mile" campaign. Total raised is now £7565, thank you for your support.

DAY 22 (12th Feb) - No movement yet but a great news piece by ITV on Jubilee Hope -

DAY 20 (10th Feb) - There was brief hope this morning of the journey continuing but a weather warning means Jubilee Hope is still in Falmouth.

DAY 17 (7th Feb) - We are hopeful that Jubilee Hope will set sail again with a possible weather window on Monday!

DAY 15 (5th Feb) - With the crazy weather down in Cornwall there are no imediate plans for Jubilee Hope to continue her journey. For a taste of the weather have a look at the photos here

DAY 14 (4th Feb) - No movement of the ship but plenty of movement with donations to our "Sponsor a Mile" appeal - total is now over £5000!

DAY 13 (3rd Feb) - No clear weather as yet but all crew are happy and well enjoying the hospitality in Cornwall.

DAY 7 (28th Jan) - No movement from yesterday. Hoping to leave Falmouth on Thursday or Friday.

DAY 6 (27th Jan) - Currently stormbound in Falmouth. Possible delay of 3/4 days.

DAY 3 (24th Jan) - Passed end of Wales at midnight. Passed Lands End at midday. Seas are still heavy. Steady average speed of 8 knots.

DAY 2 (23rd Jan) - Sailed past Isle of Man in the early hours of the day. Passing Dublin by lunchtime. Heavy seas - a few crew sick! Steady average speed of 8 knots.

DAY 1 (22nd Jan) - Succesful send off from Greenock harbour at midday, passed Belfast at midnight. Steady average speed of 8 knots.

The total journey is around 8,585 miles, and the total cost of fuel will be around £45,000. We need you help in raising this money so please spread the word about the amazing work the ship will be involved in on Lake Victoria and encourage people to sponsor one mile of the journey for £5 or get them to push the boat out and fund more miles. Every little really will help.You can donate using the page on our website HERE or alternatively via text - just send VINE06 £5 or (£10,£20, £50etc) to 70070 to donate.

We will be updating our Facebook and Twitter daily with the latest news on how the journey is going.

Leg 1 - Glasgow to Las Palmas - 1520 miles - COMPLETE

Leg 2 - Las Palmas to Cape Verde - 865 miles - COMPLETE
Leg 3 - Cape Verde to Luanda (Angola) - 2800 miles
Leg 4 - Luanda to Cape Town - 1600 miles
Leg 5 - Cape Town to MOMBASA - 1800 miles

Total Journey ~ 8585 miles total fuel cost of journey ~£45,000







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Iain Murray's avatar

By Iain Murray on Jan 27, 2014

Daily update of ship’s progress is great. Suggest you put Day and Date instead of,or in addition to, Day 1 etc. Also suggest that the web site that is brought up as  when you Google Jubilee Hope,  is changed to reflect the present situation. It still refers to the ship sailing from Gibraltar.

bwana bahari's avatar

By bwana bahari on Feb 02, 2014

May I suggest Iain that you goggle in ; marine traffic. Enter Jubilee Hope and you will have hourly updates all the way to Mombasa

Stewart's avatar

By Stewart on Feb 03, 2014

Thanks for the tip bwana bahari - unfortunately the ships tracker often drops out of range and we don’t get updates via marine traffic. We do receive daily updates direct from the ship so will be able to keep people updated even when the vessel isn’t being directly tracked.

bwana bahari's avatar

By bwana bahari on Feb 04, 2014

Fair comment Iain,I must admit that I am fairly new to AIS. I came ashore in 1986! All of these things were unheard of in my days. A sextant and towing a log were all we had. No satnav. That was a u.s. military secret almost,

Iain Murray's avatar

By Iain Murray on Mar 11, 2014

Hi Stewart, any possibility that you could provide the Lat & Long co-ordinates with your updates. A lot of people are plotting their progress on Google Earth.

Stewart's avatar

By Stewart on Mar 11, 2014

Yeah that’s no problem Iain

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