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Story a Week 2016

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Stewart.

We hope you have all enjoyed our Photo a Week feature last year. We definitely enjoyed picking out the photos! If you want to look back at all the images, click here.

Next year we will not be featuring a photo each week BUT we will be featuring a story a week. To make this happen we need YOUR help.

We want stories from all areas of our volunteering, new stories and old stories, anything that gives people a flavour of the impact our work has.

No story is too long and no story is too short.

If you have a story you think we should feature then please email

We can’t wait to share 52 life changing stories with you in 2016.

Week 24

First Baby on Jubilee Hope. Click here to read the full story

Week 23

This story a week comes from our lates edition of our Connections newsletter. Click here to read more

Week 22

Our story this week is on video form. Click here to watch the video

Week 21

We first met Nehma, Goodluck and and Emmanuel when we arrived to build the 1st children's home in Kimashuku in 2011. The children all have different life stories, but what amazes me is seeing their growing confidence year on year. Click here to read the full story

Week 20

"I was quite overwhelmed. The work we do is not just about providing bricks and mortar and building walls for shelter. It’s so much more than that." Click here to read the full story

Week 19

"My two week expedition to Tanzania was easily the best experience of my life. I got to undertake many great activities as well as meet many brilliant people." Click here to read the full story

Week 18

Our 18th Story a Week comes from our latest home-building team that recently returned from Tanzania. Click here to read the full story

Week 17

"I have nothing but happy memories of my time in Tanzania, and the crazy thing is... although the families getting new homes will benefit from security, stability and a much better standard of living, I genuinely feel like I have gained an unbelievable amount from this whole experience too. Something which money just can't buy, and for that I am truly thankful." Click here to read the full story 

Week 16

Here is a great story from Dr Ronald Ramirez - Click here to watch the video

Week 15

This amazing video was put together by one of our Tanzania Expedition volunteers - Click here to watch the video

Week 14

"We worked until everyone had been seen. If we were lucky, we were able to watch the sunset from a hammock. If we were unlucky we emerged from below deck to darkness and a lot of bugs!! We ended the days exhausted and grateful for early nights in preparation for the next relentless day. I might be crazy, but I’d love to do it all again!" Click here to read the full story.

Week 13

"Before arriving in Tanzania I wasn't really sure what I was doing, I had signed up as my friend was going. I thought it sounded really cool as a trip like this was something that I had always wanted to do. I signed up and started to raise the funds when my friend had to pull out so I was left with the decision to go myself with a group of people who I did not know. Having already started to raise the funds I decided to just go for it and risk two week with people I didn't know. This turned out to be the best decision that I have ever made." Click here to read the full story.

Week 12

Our twelfth story a week comes in video form - Click here to watch the video.

Week 11

"It was great to see how well the family are doing and the impact the new home has had on them - thank you to our volunteers for being part of their story and making such a huge difference to their lives" Click here to read the full story

Week 10

"Imagine having an infection, bad cut or a burn or a sick child which means a three day canoe ride to the nearest hospital" Click here to view the full story

Week 9

"I left feeling humbled at how we were able to make so many people smile, often just from our presence and how thankful they were for us being there. I will always remember the day where we played with the children on one work site using a football and empty water bottles filled with a few rocks and stones. They didn't have any technology like British children do, yet they were just as happy if not more. It's an experience that I am so proud to have participated in and will always hold close to my heart." Click here to read the full story

Week 8

"So what’s my story?  Well it’s not just mine. Yes, it’s turned me into a half marathon running,  square knitting, fundraising cake baker whose head and heart can often be found in Tanzania. It’s given me a confidence and belief that I can do so much more than I ever imagined.  But it’s so much more than that.  It’s about the 51 pupils (and counting…) who have and will experience the life changing experience that a school trip in Tanzania can bring. It’s about my colleagues and friends - both those who travel with me (I couldn’t do it without them!), and those who do all they can within the school to support us to do this. It’s about the amazing people in Tanzania - their warmth, their self belief and their hope and trust that there’s always a way." Click here to read the full story.

Week 7

"I would recommend this to anyone with a sense of adventure and a wish to make a difference in communities which are so disadvantaged compared to ours. It is an unforgettable and humbling experience" Click here to read the full story.

Week 6

"The overland excursion required moving power lines and building new roads, and the vessel was nicknamed the “walking ship” on its journey through many towns and villages. Masses turned out to see the vessel and have their pictures taken alongside this leviathan as it passed by their doors." Click here to read the full story.

Week 5

"Although Vine Trust participants from Wood Group PSN have helped to provide a new home for Mama Christina and her children, they have done so much more than just build a physical structure—building self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and a hope for the future." Click here to read the ful story

Week 4

"While thoughts of wrestling snake and scorpion bites provoked anxiety before the trip, language barriers and sheer patient volume were the major challenges. Jungle medicine may have mirrored medicine in the developed world more than anticipated, yet the backdrop of the largest rainforest on Earth, incredible wildlife and exquisite sunsets coloured the most unique clinical setting imaginable." Click here to read the full story

Week 3

"The people of Tanzania are the most welcoming, resourceful, hard-working, friendly people I could ever hope to meet, and it’s been our absolute privilege to help just a few of them take a step towards a better life." Click here to read the full story

Week 2

"I have to admit, I felt apprehensive at first about travel into the Amazonian jungle, especially when I realised the vaccinations that were needed. However I was to find that the whole experience was truly amazing and something one cannot get from the local travel agent. The people we treated were truly appreciative of our presence and the smiles we received in return made the whole experience worthwhile." Click here to read the full story  

Week 1

"I can’t explain my happiness because even billion words wouldn’t be enough" - Click here to read the full story

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