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Photo a Week 2015

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Stewart.

Each and every week of this year we will be featuring a picture from our work in Peru and Tanzania on this page. If you have a photo from a trip you have been on that you think we should feature please email

Week 47

Week 46

Week 45

Week 44

Week 43

Week 42

Week 41

Week 40

Week 39

Week 38

Week 37

Week 36

Week 35

Week 34

Week 33 

Week 32 - Great view from Jubilee Hope across Lake Victoria

Week 31 - Jubilee Hope has been hard at work with the first UK volunteers joining the Tanzanian staff

Week 30 - Even when the river rises, Amazon Hope keeps working

Week 29 - There's always plenty of time for a bit of fun on one of our work parties

Week 28 - Games in Tanzania

Week 27 - One of our school teams high up on the sand dunes near Ica

Week 26 - A snapshot of life on Lake Victoria

Week 25 - A splash of colour from Tanzania

Week 24 - Great photo from our first school trip of the year

Week 23 - Lovely image taken from aboard Amazon Hope 2

Week 22 - Great photo of Jubilee Hope on Lake Victoria and you can now apply to join her -

Week 21 - For one week only our photo of the week is a bit different. It's not from Peru or Tanzania, it is from right outside our barge in Leith, Edinburgh.

Week 20

Week 19 - This week we head back to Peru


Week 18 - Talented Tanzanians

Week 17 - Lots of smiles aboard Amazon Hope

Week 16 - Great photo from our first work party of the year

Week 15 - Jubilee Hope somehow managed to squeeze through some tight spots on her way to Lake Victoria

Week 14 - Amazon Hope journeys through the beautiful Peruvian Amazon

Week 13 - Our first work party heads to Tanzania this week, ready to celebrate Easter with the beautiful children at Kimashuku

Week 12 - Fun on school trips

Week 11 - Hello from Tanzania

Week 10 - Our Amazon Hope project treats over 100,000 patients each and every year

Week 9 - Another great photo by Dougie Hamilton

Week 8 - Cheeky boys at Kimo Girasoles home in peru

Week 7 - Great photo by Dougie Hamilton

Week 6 - Kilimanjaro View - Sign up for our trek here -

Week 5 - School boys in Tanzania

Week 4 - Smiles from Peru

Week 3 - Photo from Amazon Hope in Peru

Week 2 - Photo from Kimashuku in Tanzania

Week 1 - Photo from Njia Panda in Tanzania

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