New Partnership to See Safer Water Provision on Lake Victoria Islands Published: 16 Jul 2019

A new partnership is set to address water-related health concerns in the island communities of Lake Victoria. The year-long pilot project will be undertaken by Signpost International, African Inland Church Tanzania, and Vine Trust.

For most people on the islands, water for drinking, cooking and cleaning is only accessible from the heavily contaminated lake water. Though there is knowledge of waterborne illnesses, without the resources to treat the water, community members are often left with little option but to use it. As a result, there is a high prevalence of waterborne illness recorded as a direct consumption of contaminated water sources.

The pilot project, led by Dundee-based organisation Signpost International, has emerged from the initial partnership between Vine Trust and the African Inland Church Tanzania (AICT), who provide healthcare services via the medical vessel Jubilee Hope to the remote island communities.

Project partners AICT will implement the provision of water-treatment solutions to 65 island households alongside the development of education and awareness raising programmes. The partnership hopes to see a strengthened approach to improving water, sanitation and hygiene in the households of the lake islands.

Vine Trust are delighted to support this project to complement the existing Jubilee Hope programme operating on the islands of Lake Victoria, Tanzania.