Culloden Academy - Blog 1

Culloden Academy - Blog 1

Jambo from Culloden Academy!

We've been having a great time in Moshi, Tanzania. Our expedition got off to a great start! On Thursday we visited the head offices of TAWREF (Tanzanian Women’s Research Foundation) - one of Vine Trust's home-building partners in Tanzania. We were warmly greeted by singing, and Dafrosa, TAWREF's Executive Director, enthusiastically discussed the work we would be doing and the impact we would have. In the afternoon we visited Mochi Christian Children's Centre (MCCC) and played football with the children - it was a high-scoring game (9-8)!

Our first family is that of Regina Tesha, a widow who cares for her 4 children. Although three of her children are now adults and work casual jobs, Regina still tries to provide what she can for each of them. David, her youngest, is disabled and unable work. As his fulltime carer Regina cannot work and has no income to support him or build a house. Although only David and Regina will live in the home we build with the local fundis (Tanzanian builders), it will give Regina the safety and  support she needs to be able to care not only for David, but to also Elizabeth, Havenlight and Jackson.

Maria Joseph, a widow with 5 children, is the head of our second family. One of Maria's daughters passed away after a battle with AIDS, leaving her to care for her 4 grandchildren. Maria’s son, Frenk, is married with 7 children and also currently stays at his mother Maria’s house. Maria has asked for support from TAWREF and Vine Trust to help construct a new home for her 4 orphaned grandchildren in order to provide them with a family home and a safe and secure future.

Anna Mosha lives with her 2 children, her husband having passed away in 2006 before they could build a permanent home. They currently live in a mud house which is in a very bad condition. We will be building a home which will offer hope and the opportunity to grow and learn in a secure environment.

On the worksites, we've been digging the foundations, moving rocks to fill and secure the foundation trenches, and preparing for the construction of the walls. There's been lots of passing of buckets filled with water and sand, and a chain to carry the bricks and rocks to where they are needed, with some Tanzanian songs to keep our energy up! By the end of Saturday the houses had reached knee height.

On Sunday, we got up early to attend a local church service. This was a great experience and we enjoyed listening to the upbeat hymns. We then visited one of the main starting points for people trekking Mount Kilimanjaro hwere we learned more about the mountain's geography. That evening we went to Kilimanjaro Lounge in Moshi for dinner to try some local food and learn some African dances with the performers.

On Monday, after a productive day of brick laying, we prepared to leave on safari, watching The Lion King and hearing all about what lay in store for us in the National Park and Conservation Area of Tarangire and the Ngorongoro Crater! We are really excited and looking forward to sharing some photos of the animals we will see!

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